Jul 7, 2017

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What Is The Chinese Gender Chart?

Particularly, the Chinese gender chart is an ancient tool used to predict the baby gender during the pregnancy. This gender prediction calendar can help expectant mothers figure out whether their unborn baby is a boy or a girl. The two major elements affecting the result are the Chinese lunar age of the mother and the lunar month of conception. Not only considered as the gender prediction tool, Chinese gender chart is also an ideal experience when it comes to gender selection for your future pregnancy.

Chinese Gender Chart

Chinese Gender Chart

While few parents decide to wait for the moment of truth, some can’t handle their curiosity. However, they have to hang around until the 12th or 15th week, with the ultrasound scan, to find out whether their baby is the boy or girl. Looking for the answer about your baby gender without waiting? Then the Chinese gender chart is the brilliant choice. According to DZOSB Network, the online Chinese Gender Calendar by using ancient data can reveal the sex of your unborn child. This tool was first discovered in a royal tomb of Qing Dynasty – it now is over 700 years old.

How does it work?

With the presence of this tool, the answer for your question, “Am I having a boy or a girl?” will be revealed easily. You just need to provide the lunar month of conception and your lunar age. These days, the Chinese gender prediction calculator (similarly as Chinese gender chart) helps the mother convert both the age and date into Chinese lunar calendar.

If you are trying to conceive, then you still can use Chinese baby gender calendar to select the favored sex for your baby. Based on the lunar age of the mother and the month of conception, you can find the desired gender for your baby before conception. Well, DZOSB will not guarantee for the accuracy of the chart.

How accurate is Chinese gender chart?

Although there is no logical, scientific proof proving Chinese Gender Calendar is accurate, the accuracy rate is pretty high – about 90%. But since the prediction is either boy or girl, you have at least a 50-50 chance of getting an accurate result. Many parents-to-be worldwide approach and believe in this method. The thing is, just like other prediction methods, you should not take the prediction serious.

Other Interesting Gender Prediction Methods

What do you think your baby might be? Besides Chinese gender chart, there are still numerous different gender prediction methods. Check the list below, presented by DZOSB, and see if you have tried any of them before. Don’t mind telling whether or not the prediction was accurate as well as your favorite methods.

  • Ultrasound scan – This method definitely gives you the result with 100% of accuracy
  • Skin condition – Check your skin condition; if your skin becomes rough and has spots or other facial problems, you could be conceiving a girl.
  • Belly position – Your baby is a boy if the position of your belly is low; otherwise, you are having a girl if the belly is positioned high.
  • Wedding ring – Tie your wedding ring to a thread. While hanging it in front of your belly, the result will show the girl if the ring swings forth and back. In case the ring swings in the circle, you’ll conceive a boy.

Contact DZOSB Health Network if you have any question regarding Chinese gender chart or gender prediction in general.

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