Overview of Chinese Gender Calendar 2017

When it comes to pregnancy, many expectant mothers have a great curiosity about the baby gender. If you are pregnant, you are probably eager to discover whether your unborn child is boy or girl too. However, it is impossible to find out the gender right after your pregnancy news. You need to wait until the first ultrasound scan (12-15 weeks) to get the truth revealed. Because of this, DZOSB Social Network presents Chinese Gender Calendar, a method that will help you unveil the baby gender without waiting.

Chinese Gender Calendar

So, what is Chinese Gender Calendar? According to DZOSB, this Chinese boy or girl gender chart has the origin from Qing Dynasty (700 hundred years ago). It, as saying, can help parents-to-be predict their babies’ gender. For the result, the ancient chart requires the lunar month of conception and the mother age as per the Chinese lunar calendar. Now, with the baby gender chart, finding out whether your baby is a boy or a girl is no longer a difficulty. These days, you can also use Chinese Gender Calculator – this online tool makes the prediction easy by converting your age to the lunar age automatically.

Predicting The Unborn Baby Gender

The mother’s date of birth and the lunar month of conception are two key elements determining the gender of a baby. If both are odd or even, the baby would be predicted as a girl. But if one is even and the other is odd, then the result will be a boy. Try Chinese Gender Calendar of DZOSB quickly if you are wondering the painting color for the nursery.

Predicting The Unborn Baby Gender

How accurate is this baby gender chart? Though it sounds unscientific and illogical, its accuracy is unexpected. Many parents have experienced Chinese Gender Calendar and claimed that this tool has the higher level of accuracy – over 90% – compared to other methods. For centuries, it has been considered a reliable tool when it comes to baby gender prediction. In general, Chinese Gender Calendar is a fun yet reliable method that’s worth trying out. You can test its accuracy by trying it on your family members and friends. Remember; do not take the result too serious!

Selecting The Gender of Your Baby

Not only telling the unborn baby sex, the conception chart also helps you plan the gender if you are trying to conceive. DZOSB network says that this convenient method could guide women when to get pregnant with a boy and vice versa for their future pregnancy.

How does it work? Firstly, based on your age you need to look for a seemly conception month. Check the chart and make sure the baby gender you favored remains same for two months – this will improve the chance. You will give birth to a daughter if your date of birth at conception and conception month are both even (or odd). In case your date of birth at conception is even and your conception month is odd (or vice versa), you will get pregnant with a baby boy.

Free and simple, Chinese Gender Calendar can give you a support when it comes to family planning. However, DZOSB recommends you not to see it as a replacement for the medical consultation.