Jul 28, 2018

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Top 5 Foods To Eat During Pregnancy To Have A Lovely Baby

Best Food to Enhance the Complexion of A BabyBest food to enhance the complexion of a baby.

Undoubtedly, every baby is beautiful.

Little angels possess the heart-melting beauty capturing both eyes and heart of almost everyone.

The thing is – the look of a child depends mainly on the genes of their parents. The physical characteristics of mom and dad will be granted for the baby.

Because of this fact, many expectant mothers start wondering what they should do during pregnancy to get a fair baby.

According to pregnancy experts, the foods you eat cannot change the look of your little one completely. Rather than diet meals, the mixture of the genes of mother and father is the critical factor determining the appearance of a baby.

However, for those who care about the complexion and beauty of the unborn child, then maybe changing the eating habits will help making a difference.

It’s not about eating for two anymore.

There are several specific kinds of foods that somehow can improve all the baby’s features.

In the following, I’ve picked out 5 healthy foods that will make impact on the physical development of your baby.

Consider all if you want a fair-complexioned child.

A List of Foods to Eat During Pregnancy

1. Golden milk with saffron

Golden Milk with SaffronGolden milk with saffron.

Pregnant women tend to consume golden milk with saffron at their time of pregnancy.

With the healing property, saffron has many benefits; especially, it is believed to enhance the skin tone of a baby during their development in the womb. If you want your baby to have a bright, shining skin tone, then you should add saffron to your cups of milk during the third semester of your pregnancy.

Significantly, do not overuse saffron as it will lead to contractions and miscarriages.

2. Coconut


According to Indian beliefs, eating coconut kernel regularly during the pregnancy period will help the mother conceive a fair baby.

Coconut, for a very long time, has become a necessary potent ingredient of different beauty agents around the globe. Many claim that it also alters the complexion of the unborn child slightly.

If you want an improvement on your baby’s skin and hairs, add coconut to your diet and consume it on a regular basis. Furthermore, this kind of food will boost the mother’s stamina and protect her against any pregnancy problem effectively.

3. Eggs


One of the best foods for baby beauty development is eggs.

In fact, eggs are the food that must have in a pregnant woman’s diet menu. For a light-complexioned baby, you are advised to eat the egg white during the second trimester. 

4. Healthy fruits

Healthy FruitsHealthy fruits.

Want to know the list of fruits during pregnancy that you should eat to make your little one fair?

As I already mentioned earlier, there are specific kinds of foods enabling to make a difference on how the baby is going to look. Expecting moms are highly recommended to consume all healthy fruits for health enhancement and the baby’s beauty improvement.

The first option is oranges; as a rich source of vitamin C, this type of fruit is very important for the growth and skin tone of the baby. Using one a day is beneficial for both mother and her child.

Some Indians believe that pineapples are also rich in vitamin C and come with the power of brightening the skin tone. You should drink one or two glass of fresh pineapple juice per week.
In addition, other citrus fruits like grapes and pomegranate are also good for the skin complexion. Containing AHA (Alpha Hydroxyl Acids), these fruits ensure better skin texture. The mother eating them whole will avoid the acidity, anemia, and other weakness issues.

5. Nuts


How to improve baby skin color during pregnancy?

The ultimate solution is to consume nuts – a great source of healthy fatty acids. Nuts can be lacked in the diet for pregnant women, certainly.

If you want your baby to have pretty skin complexion, take almonds into consideration. Throughout the pregnancy time, expectant mothers can add almonds in milk or consume soaked almonds after soaking it in water overnight.

It’s okay to use dried almonds, but drinking milk with grinded almonds is still the best use for a fair-complexioned baby.

In Conclusion

Why should you develop the eating habit with healthy food?

All the foods above are not only beneficial for the physical characteristics but also the mental health of little babies. If you are pregnant, it’s a must to have these types of foods in your diet.

More than having a fair baby, it’s more important to maintain a healthy pregnancy so that your child can arrive to this life with a good health. No matter how they look, the mother should firstly concentrate on the condition state of both the baby and her.

If you know more tips for the beauty enhancement of the little angels, I would be glad to read what you share in the comment section.

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