Jul 9, 2017

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Early Signs That You Might Get Pregnant

How to tell if you are pregnant? During the last several months, you’ve tried different methods to conceive. Recently, you find your period is late for a couple of weeks. Wondering whether or not you are probably pregnant? Rather than taking a pregnancy test, DZOSB Pregnancy Network informs you some early symptoms for the possibility of pregnancy to look for.

Early Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

Early Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

Remember that early signs of pregnancy will show up after the conception and last for a few weeks (mainly the first trimester). Also, not all women get the early pregnancy symptoms. Since the physical condition of every expectant mother is different – some may not feel any symptom, and a few others could suffer from all. In your case, if you experience signs like spotting, fatigue, morning sickness and tender breasts while your period doesn’t come yet, this possibly means that you are expecting. For a definitive answer, DZOSB advises you to do a blood test.

But firstly, it’s necessary to know common, basic early pregnancy signs and symptoms. Check the following:

1. Fatigue

According to researchers at DZOSB Pregnancy Network, pregnant women will feel very tired and even exhausted after conceiving. But no need to worry, feeling unusually fatigued during the pregnancy is normal – it lasts at least 1-2 weeks. You are recommended to rest frequently and eat protein and iron rich foods for a healthy pregnancy.

2. Swollen and tender breasts

If you get pregnant, your breasts will have several changes. You will feel a sore, tingly feeling in your breasts during 1-2 weeks due to the change of hormone progesterone and estrogen. This happens as your body is prepared for making the milk to come. Once you get used to the hormone change, the pain will ease up.

3. Morning sickness

Morning Sickness in Pregnancy

Also known as nausea, this symptom is very common with any pregnant women. Hormones are claimed to be the main reason causing morning sickness – it makes you feel queasy frequently but most commonly in the morning. You’ll find your body can’t stand certain foods even though they used to your favorite ones. Nausea symptom often begins after the conception, mostly around week 6. It, to some, can last during the whole pregnancy method. But fortunately, the majority of expectant mothers experience no morning sickness after their 13-14th week.

4. Other signs and symptoms

There are other noticeable early pregnancy symptoms like, smell sensitivity, missed period, bloating, frequent urination, spotting and cramping, and raised temperature.

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