Jul 8, 2017

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Check Out How to Get Pregnant Chinese Method

Nowadays, according to DZOSB Pregnancy Network, more and more couples look for ways to enhance their fertility. During the progress, there are some about to lose hope as they are struggle a lot with pregnancy. However, the idea of having a child of your own is not as hard as you thought if you give Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) a try.

How to Get Pregnant Chinese Method

Many feel skeptical about the success of using natural methods for fast pregnancy. But in fact, there are a lot of positive feedbacks as well as news of successful outcomes for TCM. Certain couples admit that Chinese medicine helps them conceive easier than other methods that they’ve tried in the past. For anyone who is seeking chances of getting of pregnant in the most natural ways, DZOSB in this article introduces a variety of Chinese methods effectively supporting your conceiving progress.

  • Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient method which a number of tiny needles will be inserted into the skin in certain parts of one’s body. Anxiety is one of the main reasons causing the fertility issue. Thus, this method, similar to message, helps reducing stress and eliminating toxic from the woman’s body. Once your body is calm, you will conceive much easier.

  • Chinese herbs
Chinese Herbs Method

You may not know but Chinese herbs can help women become pregnant in a short period. The Chinese herbal therapy is very effective when it comes to promoting fertility – it is such a highly recommended fertility aid. The use of Chinese herbs has been increasing in recent years as many couples want a natural treatment rather than conception options involving potentially harmful chemicals. In addition, this method is not really expensive, compared to other modern fertility treatments. No surprisingly it is the attractive choice for wannabe-parents.

  • Yin and Yang

This method requires you to find the balance for your whole body. From DZOSB research, problems may appear with your fertility if certain parts of your body are not in balance. It’s up to the physical health and energy of each individual to determine whether that person is suffering a Yang deficiency or a Yin deficiency.

How accurate are TCM methods?

The Chinese medicine practice has been used for thousands of years. Although its success rate remains unknown as there is no certain scientific proof, the fact that a lot of married couples still rely on TCM is what you can’t deny. Moreover, some Western doctors claim that nearly 70% of women who have infertility issues end up with a positive result after being treated with Chinese medicine.

If you are pregnant and want to know your baby gender, DZOSB Pregnancy Network presents also an ancient Chinese tool called Chinese gender calendar. This gender prediction method, by using the lunar age of the mother and the conception month, can help revealing whether the baby you are carrying is a boy or a girl. The result, without any scientific proof, still offers a highly accurate rate of over 90%.

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