Jul 9, 2017

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Early Signs That You Might Get Pregnant

How to tell if you are pregnant? During the last several months, you’ve tried different methods to conceive. Recently, you find your period is late for a couple of weeks. Wondering whether or not you are probably pregnant? Rather than taking a pregnancy test, DZOSB Pregnancy Network informs you some early symptoms for the possibility of pregnancy to look for.

Early Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

Early Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

Remember that early signs of pregnancy will show up after the conception and last for a few weeks (mainly the first trimester). Also, not all women get the early pregnancy symptoms. Since the physical condition of every expectant mother is different – some may not feel any symptom, and a few others could suffer from all. In your case, if you experience signs like spotting, fatigue, morning sickness and tender breasts while your period doesn’t come yet, this possibly means that you are expecting. For a definitive answer, DZOSB advises you to do a blood test.

But firstly, it’s necessary to know common, basic early pregnancy signs and symptoms. Check the following:

1. Fatigue

According to researchers at DZOSB Pregnancy Network, pregnant women will feel very tired and even exhausted after conceiving. But no need to worry, feeling unusually fatigued during the pregnancy is normal – it lasts at least 1-2 weeks. You are recommended to rest frequently and eat protein and iron rich foods for a healthy pregnancy.

2. Swollen and tender breasts

If you get pregnant, your breasts will have several changes. You will feel a sore, tingly feeling in your breasts during 1-2 weeks due to the change of hormone progesterone and estrogen. This happens as your body is prepared for making the milk to come. Once you get used to the hormone change, the pain will ease up.

3. Morning sickness

Morning Sickness in Pregnancy

Also known as nausea, this symptom is very common with any pregnant women. Hormones are claimed to be the main reason causing morning sickness – it makes you feel queasy frequently but most commonly in the morning. You’ll find your body can’t stand certain foods even though they used to your favorite ones. Nausea symptom often begins after the conception, mostly around week 6. It, to some, can last during the whole pregnancy method. But fortunately, the majority of expectant mothers experience no morning sickness after their 13-14th week.

4. Other signs and symptoms

There are other noticeable early pregnancy symptoms like, smell sensitivity, missed period, bloating, frequent urination, spotting and cramping, and raised temperature.

For any parents who are trying to conceive a baby on your own, DZOSB Network introduces “How to Get Pregnant Chinese Method” – the use of Chinese medicine will help enhance your fertility and become pregnant quickly. In case expectant parents want to figure out the baby gender without doing the ultrasound scan, we also have an ancient tool with highly accurate success rate (over 90%), commonly known as Chinese gender calendar.

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Jul 8, 2017

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Check Out How to Get Pregnant Chinese Method

Nowadays, according to DZOSB Pregnancy Network, more and more couples look for ways to enhance their fertility. During the progress, there are some about to lose hope as they are struggle a lot with pregnancy. However, the idea of having a child of your own is not as hard as you thought if you give Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) a try.

How to Get Pregnant Chinese Method

Many feel skeptical about the success of using natural methods for fast pregnancy. But in fact, there are a lot of positive feedbacks as well as news of successful outcomes for TCM. Certain couples admit that Chinese medicine helps them conceive easier than other methods that they’ve tried in the past. For anyone who is seeking chances of getting of pregnant in the most natural ways, DZOSB in this article introduces a variety of Chinese methods effectively supporting your conceiving progress.

  • Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient method which a number of tiny needles will be inserted into the skin in certain parts of one’s body. Anxiety is one of the main reasons causing the fertility issue. Thus, this method, similar to message, helps reducing stress and eliminating toxic from the woman’s body. Once your body is calm, you will conceive much easier.

  • Chinese herbs
Chinese Herbs Method

You may not know but Chinese herbs can help women become pregnant in a short period. The Chinese herbal therapy is very effective when it comes to promoting fertility – it is such a highly recommended fertility aid. The use of Chinese herbs has been increasing in recent years as many couples want a natural treatment rather than conception options involving potentially harmful chemicals. In addition, this method is not really expensive, compared to other modern fertility treatments. No surprisingly it is the attractive choice for wannabe-parents.

  • Yin and Yang

This method requires you to find the balance for your whole body. From DZOSB research, problems may appear with your fertility if certain parts of your body are not in balance. It’s up to the physical health and energy of each individual to determine whether that person is suffering a Yang deficiency or a Yin deficiency.

How accurate are TCM methods?

The Chinese medicine practice has been used for thousands of years. Although its success rate remains unknown as there is no certain scientific proof, the fact that a lot of married couples still rely on TCM is what you can’t deny. Moreover, some Western doctors claim that nearly 70% of women who have infertility issues end up with a positive result after being treated with Chinese medicine.

If you are pregnant and want to know your baby gender, DZOSB Pregnancy Network presents also an ancient Chinese tool called Chinese gender calendar. This gender prediction method, by using the lunar age of the mother and the conception month, can help revealing whether the baby you are carrying is a boy or a girl. The result, without any scientific proof, still offers a highly accurate rate of over 90%.

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Jul 7, 2017

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What Is The Chinese Gender Chart?

Particularly, the Chinese gender chart is an ancient tool used to predict the baby gender during the pregnancy. This gender prediction calendar can help expectant mothers figure out whether their unborn baby is a boy or a girl. The two major elements affecting the result are the Chinese lunar age of the mother and the lunar month of conception. Not only considered as the gender prediction tool, Chinese gender chart is also an ideal experience when it comes to gender selection for your future pregnancy.

Chinese Gender Chart

Chinese Gender Chart

While few parents decide to wait for the moment of truth, some can’t handle their curiosity. However, they have to hang around until the 12th or 15th week, with the ultrasound scan, to find out whether their baby is the boy or girl. Looking for the answer about your baby gender without waiting? Then the Chinese gender chart is the brilliant choice. According to DZOSB Network, the online Chinese Gender Calendar by using ancient data can reveal the sex of your unborn child. This tool was first discovered in a royal tomb of Qing Dynasty – it now is over 700 years old.

How does it work?

With the presence of this tool, the answer for your question, “Am I having a boy or a girl?” will be revealed easily. You just need to provide the lunar month of conception and your lunar age. These days, the Chinese gender prediction calculator (similarly as Chinese gender chart) helps the mother convert both the age and date into Chinese lunar calendar.

If you are trying to conceive, then you still can use Chinese baby gender calendar to select the favored sex for your baby. Based on the lunar age of the mother and the month of conception, you can find the desired gender for your baby before conception. Well, DZOSB will not guarantee for the accuracy of the chart.

How accurate is Chinese gender chart?

Although there is no logical, scientific proof proving Chinese Gender Calendar is accurate, the accuracy rate is pretty high – about 90%. But since the prediction is either boy or girl, you have at least a 50-50 chance of getting an accurate result. Many parents-to-be worldwide approach and believe in this method. The thing is, just like other prediction methods, you should not take the prediction serious.

Other Interesting Gender Prediction Methods

What do you think your baby might be? Besides Chinese gender chart, there are still numerous different gender prediction methods. Check the list below, presented by DZOSB, and see if you have tried any of them before. Don’t mind telling whether or not the prediction was accurate as well as your favorite methods.

  • Ultrasound scan – This method definitely gives you the result with 100% of accuracy
  • Skin condition – Check your skin condition; if your skin becomes rough and has spots or other facial problems, you could be conceiving a girl.
  • Belly position – Your baby is a boy if the position of your belly is low; otherwise, you are having a girl if the belly is positioned high.
  • Wedding ring – Tie your wedding ring to a thread. While hanging it in front of your belly, the result will show the girl if the ring swings forth and back. In case the ring swings in the circle, you’ll conceive a boy.

Contact DZOSB Health Network if you have any question regarding Chinese gender chart or gender prediction in general.

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Jul 7, 2017

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What Should Pregnant Women Do For Good Health?

When a woman gets pregnant, her health is very important as it influences directly to the health of her baby. Maintaining a healthy pregnancy is a must. Now if you are expecting, it’s time to take very good care of yourself. In this article, DZOSB Health Network provides information about what you should do as well as shouldn’t do to keep both you and your baby healthy.

It’s crucial to have regular prenatal health care. Schedule the first appointment as soon as possible if you think you are seemingly pregnant. At the initial stage of your pregnancy, the health care provider will do a pregnancy test based on your last period date and a simple health examination. This step helps you know the number of weeks you are pregnant. Then, the result will be used to estimate the appropriate date for your delivery. In addition, you will receive at least one ultrasound scan later to figure out the exact delivery date.

Even though your pregnancy has no complicating risk factors, it is necessary to schedule a prenatal care:

  • Every 4 weeks until the 28th week
  • Every 2 weeks until the 36th week
  • Once a week until giving birth

During the pregnancy checkup, your health care provider will tell you the development of your baby by checking your weight, heartbeat and blood pressure generally, as per DZOSB. Also, by doing ultrasound scans regularly, you not only know the overall health and growth of the unborn baby but also discover the baby gender.

Talking about baby gender, DZOSB Health Network suggests a fun way to predict whether the little creature in your womb is a boy or a girl – that’s using a method called Chinese Gender Calendar. To get info related to this ancient tool, you probably want to keep track of the article. “What is Chinese Gender Chart?” But, more significantly, despite the highly accurate rate, you should not take the result seriously.

Tips for Staying Healthy

What are tips for a healthy pregnancy? By following the advice below, you will know exactly what to do to take care of yourself, and also what you should be cautious to not affect your baby.

  • Eating a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet (it should include calcium, protein, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, adequate fat, vitamin C, folic acid and iron-rich food)
  • Staying active and exercising habitually (30 minutes per day)
  • Cutting out bad habits like drinking coffee or alcohol, smoking, etc.
  • Preparing a detailed birth plan as well as educating yourself about childbirth
  • Tracking your weigh gain (you are recommended to gain about 25-35 pounds)
  • Always attending appointed prenatal health care checkups

Let’s relax your physical body and mental state and follow the provided tips of DZOSB Health Network. Having a healthy pregnancy will definitely bring good news to both you and your baby.

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