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DZOSB Multimedia Social Network Introduction

What is a multimedia social network? It is, basically, a network facilitates Internet users by providing various websites allowing you to share and exchange multimedia content as well as other means of expression. If a certain site offers the information in the form of text, picture and video, it is called multimedia.

To understand more about this worldwide phenomenon, I introduce DZOSB!

DZOSB Multimedia Social Network Introduction

DZOSB is a powerful multimedia social network. Via online communities, it gives the users various excellent ways of sharing their ideas, interests and opinions. What makes the multimedia different from the media? Well, usually known as interactive multimedia, multimedia is very powerful because it utilizes multiple media – all on one channel. For example, your SNS, aka social network sites, (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) nowadays let you convey your messages or stories with various forms, such as audio, text, and even maps.

According to Dean Martin, SEO Analyst at DZOSB, the multimedia social network is often categorized into three main groups:

  • Interaction-driven social network

This type of network will describe your relationships by connecting your interaction as well as other activities from different virtual communities. Using the interaction-driven social network is an effective way for users who want to develop their services online via social multimedia website, especially video advertising.

  • Imagery social network

The imagery social network will characterize your social relationships and activities based on photos, videos or wireless radar. In this network, the face detection feature using the old data (e.g. photo albums) in any certain SNS can help re-recognizing your friend networks. The only problem of the imagery social network is – your privacy information can be inferred.

  • Gaming-driven social network

In the gaming-driven social network, you can maximize your pay-off via resources interchange and distribution. You will firstly watch how others express their strategies; then, learn until you understand how to pull off effective cooperation.

Why Social Media is Important?

From DZOSB perspective, social media is the combination of many interaction channels online. All of them are dedicated to online users’ content-sharing, information exchange, etc. Websites, blogs and applications built as the form of forums, social networking, wiki and microblogging are considered as different types of social media.

The Importance of Social Media

These days, DZOSB social media has become a fundamental part of online apps and websites. Especially, business in general can’t exist in long term without the support of social media – this tool plays an integral part in promoting products and brands as well as approaching customers. Through different online communication channels, the goal of social media is to create compelling, friendly content persuading a large number of users to share it on their SNS. Do not mistake social media with traditional media as both are different in many aspects (usability, quality, permanence, etc.)

Here are some examples about social media – Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Wikipedia, Linkedln and Pinterest.

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